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Uivernest by Jan van Mourik

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My name is Jan van Mourik and I am a member of the Dutch 009 Group. "Uivernest" (Stork's nest) is my latest layout and it had its first appearance in September 2006 at the Valkenburg show. The layout measures 100cm x 67cm, occasionally added with a return loop behind the back-scene.
It represents a Dutch setting in the early 1950's, where at this very moment a open door day is held by the local model airplane club. It was in those days that model airplanes were flown by wire control instead of the nowadays existing radio controlled flying machines.
The narrow gauge railway is a part of a restored tramline, that carried out the public transportation in days gone by.
Henk Wust has taken a huge part in the performance of the scenery.
Text and photographs by Jan van Mourik.










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