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Porthdanwyg by Richard Holder
Part 3

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Porthdanwyg is the third and final section of my home 009 layout. It represents a small village with a harbour situated somewhere in North Wales. Behind the main village street, which is modelled in low relief, is the back-scene, which is made up from digital photos taken at Brixham harbour in South Devon. The layout featured in 009 News in May 2009, and in Railway Modeller in July 2009.

Description/Captions and Photographs by Richard Holder

(65Kb) The warehouse and lifeboat at the left-hand end of the layout

(72Kb) Prince of Wales waiting at the platform. The stationmaster is clearly concerned about the late arrival of the 1045

(42Kb) Llewelyn arrives at the station which overlooks the harbour

(74Kb) Some wagons are shunted on the quayside

(28Kb) General view of the whole section

(51Kb) The quayside

(74Kb) A general view of the quayside, the station, and the village in the background

(75Kb) The 2-6-2T Hunslet leaves the station with a train full of tourists

(76Kb) Another view of the quayside, the station building and the village

(72Kb) A train arrives at the station whilst a group of tourists wait for a speedboat ride



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