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Mouburg by Jan van Mourik

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In 2000 I started to build a Dutch narrow gauge layout inspired by the RTM (Rotterdamsche Tramweg Maatschappij) which ran a tramway to the regions and islands south of Rotterdam. I didn't want to create an exact copy of the prototype, but more or less create the atmosphere of it. The name I choose for this layout is Regionale Tramweg Mouburg (also RTM). Parts of the layout were shown for many years at the Narrow Gauge Modelling Days in the Valkenburg Museum near Leiden. Since January 2013 the layout was ready to be shown at a more mayor exhibition event for a greater public, allthough quite a few things still had to be done. By now (Sept. 2015) most of the shortcomings have been resolved.
Twice the layout was on an English exhibition: Chatham Show 2013 and Expo Narrow gauge at Swanley in 2014. Furthermore various exhibitions on the continent were visited with this layout.

Text and photographs by Jan van Mourik.


A Billard A80D with trailer at Mouburg station

A busy scene at the harbour

A double Fairlie enters the town station yard

A typical RTM vehicle in the front

Auntie Agnes takes picture of niece Jenny at the town gate

Mouburg station with a foreign train

Overall view of the harbour station

The cattle dock at Mouburg-Harbour

Allotment gardens at the Loco Shed

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