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Llanmynach & Tawel-Llety Railway by David Burleigh

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The L&TR takes its inspiration mainly from the Talyllyn and Festiniog Railways with some support from the Vale of Rheidol and Welshpool Railways.  Started in 1975, it has acquired its own character over the years but none the less has managed to remain faithful to its original ideals of frequent slate trains interspersed with regular passenger and goods workings.  Passenger and goods trains work between Llanmynach and Mynydd-yn-Bwlch or Tawel-Llety in an end-to-end operation whilst the slate trains make circular trips, empty trains run clockwise and loaded run widdershins. Its overall size is 8 feet by 12 feet 6 inches (2.4m x 3.8m).
This layout is celebrated its 30th Anniversary during July 2005.
Description and photograpghs by David Burleigh.

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(99Kb) 'Douglas arriving at Llanmynach with an afternoon down passenger train; the over-bridge carries the coast road.

(90Kb) A general view of Rhyyfedd Coed, taken over 20 years ago before the fence was built, with Russell wandering about in the midst of some shunting.

(90Kb) Lew with a down goods passes Russell with the mid-morning passenger service at Rhyffedd Coed.

(90Kb) Russell arriving at Mynydd-yn-Bwlch with an up passenger train for Tawel-Llety.

(91Kb) Eirw runs around her train at Mynydd-yn-Bwlch.

(83Kb) Ex-Sierra Leone 2-6-2T Owen blasts up the gradient along the mountain ledge under Cefn Glas with an excursion train.

(84Kb) Dr. Stephen Sullivans Edward Thomas crosses the Sychnant ravine viaduct whilst on a visit to the Railway.

(62Kb) Llanmynach shed at night, with Eirw and Russell in residence.

(59Kb) Eirw simmers quietly, having arrived at Llanmynach with the last down goods on a late Autumn evening.

(69Kb) Dolgoch drifts gently down the Sychnant Valley on a Summer afternoon with a mixed train. Of all the photos of the L&TR, this really captures the atmosphere I wanted to portray. Compare with page 130 in the Wild Swan/Boyd book of the Talyllyn.

(55Kb) Cackler waits with a train of empty slate wagons in the yard ay Llanmynach for a clear road up the valley towards Mynydd-yn-Bwlch and the mines at Michel Gores.

(63Kb) On a summer Saturday, 'Talyllyn' pauses with her train of Talyllyn coaching stock at Rhyffedd Coed to await the arrival of the down morning goods.
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(61Kb) A brief hiatus in morning shunting operations at Llanmynach as 'Argyll' waits by the chapel for a down train.

(63Kb) Lunch time at Llanmynach finds 'Lew' and 'Owain Glyndwr' sitting on the stops while their crews grab a mug of tea and a sandwich in the station cafe.

(49Kb) With the regulator closed, 'Lew' rumbles across Sychnant Ravine with a short pick up goods from Tawel-Llety.

(53Kb) 'Owen' runs into Rhyffedd Coed station with a down passenger train from Mynydd-yn-Bwich, crossing'Owain Glyndwr' with the up morning goods.

(60Kb) Thumping hard up the gradient towards Cefn Glas, 'Russell' hauls the afternoon train bound for Tawel-Llety.

(54Kb) Old No 7, the oldest loco in regular service works hard to lift her train of 18 ballast skips through Tyddyn-Glas cutting on her way to a bit of re-sleepering work at Moel Ffynnon.
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(64Kb) A general view of Llanmynach station at the start of traffic showing Argyll and Dolgoch on shed, Lew ready with the first train of the day and Russell preparing the morning goods.
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(64Kb) A quiet moment in Llanmynach yard with Dolgoch and Talyllyn resting up.
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(55Kb) A plan of the railway, now slightly out of date since the Railway's acquisition of part of the road to use as its forecourt and the building of the chapel.

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