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Burtonport by Alan Gee

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The model allowing for space restrictions is a 4mm scale 12mm gauge, exact model of the 3ft narrow gauge Letterkenny and Burtonport Extension Railways terminus at Burtonport. The extension line was operated by the Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway who built some very large locomotives for use on the line. Virtually everything on the model including the track, buildings, and rolling stock has been scratch built.

Photographs and text by Dr G Alan Gee.


A busy day at Burtonport

Andrew Barclay 4-6-0 on shed at Burtonport

Burtonport Station

Burtonport Water Treatment Plant

Hudswell Clarke 4-8-0 Tender Loco No12 at Burtonport

No5 on the turntable at Burtonport

The approach to Burtonport



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