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Bregenzerwald Bahn by Daan Biessels

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My layout is based on the Austrian "Bregenzerwald Bahn" which ceased operation in 1984 after more than 80 years of service. The layout is built with the big American walk around layouts in mind and also uses the "carcard and waybill" system for car forwarding. The layout is built in a 9 x 9 ft bedroom, using the walls and an isle to accommodate 6 stations, 2 freight loading spurs and 2 passenger stops. Total length of the track is about 40ft with a 1 man operating session time of 45 minutes to 1 hour from the fiddleyard to the mountain station Bezau and back.
The layout is in theory suited to run with 3 crews, each one operating a train. I use DCC to control the trains in combination with manual thrown switches, since the depth of the layout is seldom more then 1,5ft. It's height of 4ft - 4,5ft and the background which reaches to eyelevel gives the feeling to be actually there, sounds and smells also will be part of the layout, since a forest railroad without forest smells and bird sounds doesn't give a real feeling..
But I've not progressed so far yet. The first few sections are being sceniced, buildings are made and trees are formed. It still has a long way to go before it reaches the quality of the other layouts shown in the gallery.

Photographs and Text by Daan Biessels, Holland

(77Kb) Waiting for the train from the other direction.

(76Kb) The station of Kennelbach has a seethrough to the Bodenlake near Bregenz.

(84Kb) Loadingspur Wirtatobel, which is a small mine.

(77Kb) The bridge near Egg.

(84Kb) The station Egg.

(77Kb) The station of Lingenau-Hittisau.

(62Kb) The Fiddleyard which represents the stations of Bregenz and Vorkloster.


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