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Title: Model Days
Post by: Diary Man on August 11, 2008, 06:52:53 PM
Nationaal Smalspoormuseum:
Valkenburgse Meer,
Valkenburg ZH,
(Near Leiden),

Opening Times: 10:30-17:00 both days.

Model Weekend at the Museum.  See the very best in Dutch NG modelling, plus some exhibits from the UK.
Exhibitiors are:

John Henniger: Paintings
Susan and Robin Winter: Port Foxdale
Ted Polet   : Dunalistair
John Thorne: Purbeck
Donald Sibley: Willowdale Light Railway
Dave and Midge Grassing: Stump City
Len en Anneke de Vries: demo and music
Bart van Gool & Hans Verweymeren: St. Thomas
Bas Pols:   baan Fried Lagerweij
Bert van Rhijn: St. Behoud Leemspoor
Henk Wust: Heilbach
Louis van Royen: GTW station Doetinchem
Gerbrand Haans: Irgendwo
Marco Hendriks: Spoor 2 Club Holland
Guillaume Veenhuis: Pointless
Huub Reijnders: D & H Incorporated
Hans van der Linden: Frederick Limewood Armour Works
John Vogelaar: On30 baan
Leon: Erzan Mine
Leo van der Meer:   LGB

This year celebrates the 10th year the model weekend has been held.
Admission includes a ride on the Museum's railway (steam hauled)