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Title: Norfolk & Suffolk NGM 4th Open Day (2018)
Post by: Diary Man on October 04, 2017, 10:36:12 AM
Norfolk & Suffolk NGM 4th Open Day:
St John Ambulance Hall,
NR34 9TF

Opening Times: 10.00-1600

There is no parking at the hall other than disabled, please use nearby local public car park (behind the library and near to the Roys Store) signposted just up from the hall on opposite side of road.
Admission: Adults 3.00, Accompanied under 16's Free.
Light refreshments available.
There will be 10+ narrow gauge model railways in various scales on show.
Three rooms will be used but the third smaller room is not accesable to wheelchair users.
"Yellow Ridge Mine" - Gn15 - Nick Wright
"Butley Quay" - 009 - Peter Rednall
"Ben Moor Foot Peat Railway" - O.16.5 - Graham Morfoot
"Meanderbahn" - Hoe - Brian Meldon
"Royston Wharf" - 009 - Royston & District MRC
"Castle Quay" - 009 - Chris O'Donoghue
"Longstone" - Gn15 - Graham Watling
"La Garita Hills Railroad" - On30 - Alan Harper Bourne
"Cilffyrdd Corris" - 009 - Stuart Hughes
"Arendt Spitze 2" - O.16.5 - James Corsi
"Newlands Farm" - Gn15 - Barry Weston
"Wood Bay" - 009 - John Helsby
"Old Chapel Yard" - 009 - Jim Bamber

Alan Fuller will be doing modelling demonstrations
The N&SNGM group will be having the final of their challenge with winner announced during the afternoon.
Trade & Societies:
The 009 Society Members Sales stand will be attending.
Narrow Planet  (https://narrowplanet.myshopify.com (https://narrowplanet.myshopify.com))
Bure Valley Railway & BVR Model Shop (www.bvrw.co.uk (http://www.bvrw.co.uk))
James Corsi 7mm sales
Southwold Railway Trust (www.southwoldrailway.co.uk (http://www.southwoldrailway.co.uk))
Norfolk Heath Works  (https://www.facebook.com/009-from-Norfolk-Heath-Works-1921933588084096/ (https://www.facebook.com/009-from-Norfolk-Heath-Works-1921933588084096/))

N&SNGM Website: http://nsngm.org.uk/ (http://nsngm.org.uk/)